A Marvelous History

Can anyone read Swedish

From the father you have the son, just as from the comic the comic strip was created, but eventually all offspring leave and create their own families.  this is exactly what the comic strip did , it spawned the comic book and from the comic book the graphic novel was formed, leading to its current manifestation the digital comic book.

The comic was father by Rodolphe Töpffe in 1872 by a Swiss artist,  his design of using a sequence images and words to depict a story and situation, has become the standard for all things comic .

No specific date  has been noted for  the creation and use of the comic strip, but it has been suggested that the comic strip made its triumphant rise during the  surge  newspaper development.

The  first comic book was a collection of previously printed comic strip from newspapers.

sample 1900's newspaper comic

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